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Valve body material -choose suitable material valves for your project 2021/08/12 10:17:50

Valve body material -choose suitable material valves for your project


  Valve body material 

Valve body material

Applicable working conditions

Working temperature

Working pressure

Applicable medium

Gray Iron




Blackheart malleable iron



Water,Sea water, gas, ammonia

Ductile iron



Water,sea water,steam,air,gas,oil

Titanium alloy



Various strong corrosive medium

Cast copper alloy




Oxygen pipeline and sea water pipeline




Corrosive media

Features: It is a non-metallic material, its biggest feature is strong corrosion resistance, even with the characteristics that metal materials do not have, non-toxic plastics can be used in the water supply industry .


ASTM casting material

ASTM forging material

Working temperature

Applicable medium

Carbon steel

A216 WCB



Water,Liquefied gas ,steam,oil,natural gas

Low temperature carbon steel

A352 LCB

A350 LF2


Low temperature medium

A352 LCC

A350 LF2


Low temperature medium

High temperature alloy steel

A217 WC1

A182 F1


High temperature medium

A217 WC6

A182 F11


High temperature medium

A217 WC9

A182 F22


High temperature medium

A217 C5

A182 F5


High temperature  corrosive medium

A217 C12

A182 F9


High sulfur oxidizing medium


Martensitic stainless steel

A217 CA15

A182 F6a

Austenitic stainless steel(C0.08)

A351 CF8

A182 F304


Corrosive medium

A351 CF8M

A182 F316


Corrosive medium

Ultra-low carbon austenitic stainless steel(C0.03)

A351 CF3

A182 F304L


Corrosive medium

A351 CF3M

A182 F316L


Corrosive medium

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