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Classification of socket fittings 2021/09/17 23:39:27

Classification of socket fittings


The series of socket pipe fittings are divided into socket welding connection (SW), butt welding connection (BW), threaded connection (TR), and curved double melt socket connection according to the connection form. 


 Socket pipe fittings are classified according to the pressure level:  socket welding connection type pipe fittings, the pressure level is divided into 3000LB (SCH80), 6000LB (SCH160), 9000LBS (XXS); Threaded connection type pipe fittings pressure level is divided into 2000LB, 3000LB, 6000LB; Nominal pressure of double-melt low-pressure pipe fittings: PN2.5MPa.


Socket pipe fittings are classified according to the production materials: Generally, there are carbon steel socket pipe fittings, stainless steel socket pipe fittings, alloy steel socket pipe fittings, polypropylene ppr socket pipe fittings(low pressure), etc.


Socket pipe fittings are classified according to their purpose: 

The pipe fittings used to connect the pipes are: flanges, unions, pipe clamps, ferrules, hose clamps, etc.

Pipe fittings that change the direction of the pipe: elbows, elbow pipe.

Pipe fittings to change the pipe diameter: reducing diameter (reducing pipe), reducing elbow, Outlet, reinforcing pipe.

The pipe fittings of Increasing the pipeline branch: Tee, Cross.


For more information about the high pressure socket fittings, please check from Qingdao Eathu website:  https://www.eathu.com/product/eathu-forged-pipe-fittings.html or download the PDF file from PRICE AND TECHNICAL

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