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Backing flange, Flange, iron valves, steel valves, pipe fittings reliable supplier. Long history and stable customers group.

  • 1994

    Established Date

  • 400+

    Cooperating Customers

  • 150+

    Product Series

  • 26,000K+

    Annual Turnover (USD)


Pipe Fittings and Valves Solutions Since 1994.

As a leading manufacturer and exporter specializing in steel valves, fittings, and flanges, FLUIDO has been serving 35+ countries/regions for over 20 years. 

In addition to manufacturing its flanges, FLUIDO also established partnerships with factories in Shandong and Hebei, to provide customers with a full range of products and one-stop sourcing services. For the sake of meeting strict quality requirements and industry standards, all of our factories are certified to the international ISO9001 quality system standard and all products are carefully tested before shipment. 

Since “trust originates from quality”, we have passed not only the European CE certification for our valves and flanges products but also the ISO9001 assessment and registration by SGS for quality management. In terms of piping fittings, we offer excellent service and consistent quality products.

+86 13210153062

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