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Ductile Iron Pipe Fitting For DI Pipe

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Specification: DN50-DN2000(2"-80"), available with PN10, PN16, PN25 and PN40 flanges    

Ductile Iron Flange Fittings Standard: ISO2531, ISO4179, ISO8179, BS EN 545, BS EN598, BS4772, ISO7005-2, EN1092-2:1997, DIN2501, GBT13295    

Flange: PN10, PN16 or PN25 drilling in accordance with ISO 7005-2/EN 1092-2.    

Fluid Temperature: 0°C-50°C, excluding frost.    

Pipe ends: Spigot, socket or flanges.    

Internal coating: Cement mortar lining comply with ISO4179 or bitumen painting (Ave. min.70 micron) or Fusion Bonded Epoxy Coating    

External coating: Sprayed metallic zinc coating (min.150g/m²) according to ISO8179 + bitumen painting (min.70 micron) or epoxy powder coating or epoxy painting or according to customer’s requirements.    

Types: Dismantling Joint, Universal Flange Adaptor, Universal Coupling, Ductile Iron Loose Flange Joint, DI Pipe Fitting, Saddle for PVC Pipe, Repair Clamp, Qucick Flange Adaptor, Gibault Joint, Restrained Flange Adaptor, Restrained Coupling, Valve, etc.    

Material: MATERIAL: Ductile iron grade 500-7/ 450-12 in accordance with ISO 1083 for ductile iron fitting body and retainer, EPDM/NBR for ring, steel zinced/dacro for stub.    

Application: Municipal Use, Waterworks Pipelines, Piping Fittings, Water Engineering, Potable Water Use, Irrigation Use, Water Supply Project Use, Water Treatment Plants Use, Pumping Stations, Water Utility Sectors, Water-Supply Pressure Pipeline, Potable Water Pumping Station, Stormwater Lines, Fire Water Pumping Station, Fresh Water Pumping Station, ect.    

Test: In accordance with ISO 2531 / EN 545 / EN598 and 100% water pressure test.    

Qingdao Fluido is a leading manufacturer and supplier of high quality ductile iron double flanged fitting and indoor piping for a wide range of industries in China. Ductile iron double flanged fitting are made of high quality raw materials and conform to international quality standards. Our customers can get ductile iron double flanged fitting in various diameters and sizes. Please contact us for price list and product catalog.

Ductile iron double flanged fitting are the most important parts in pipe fittings. ductile iron double flanged fitting are widely used in pipe fittings because they are widely used in pipe fittings in industrial sectors. In addition, we have the expertise to provide quality services within the required time frame. We also provide quality service within a specified time frame. All of our products are ISI logo, according to 95523-2000. They range in size from 80 mm to 1200 mm.

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