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90° Reducing Elbow LR

Butt Welding Pipe Fittings

Size: 1/2"-80"/DN15-DN2000

Technical: Forged and pushing

Material: Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Alloy Steel

Carbon Steel:ASTM, A234WPB, A234WPC, A420WPL6, Q235,10#, A3, Q235A, 20G, 16Mn, DIN St37, St45.8, St52.4, St.35.8, St.35.8.

Stainless Steel:1Cr18Ni9Ti 0Cr18Ni9 00Cr19Ni10 0Cr17Ni12Mo2Ti,00Cr17Ni14Mo2 304 304L 316 316L

Alloy Steel:16Mn Cr5Mo 12Cr1MoV 10CrMo910 15CrMo 12Cr2Mo1,A335P22 St45.8, ASTM A860 WPHY X42 X52 X60 X70

Standard: ASME/ANSI B16.9, B16.11, B16.28, JIS B2311, B2312, B2312, B2316 ASTM A403 MSS SP-43, SP-83, SP-97

Model: 45°/ 90°/180 LR/SR Elbow, Reducers, Tee, Bends, Cap, Cross.

Type: Seam Or Seamless

End: beveled end

Surface: Black Paint/Rust-proof Oil/Hot Dipped Galvanized

Wall Thickness: SCH10/10S, SCH20/20S, STD, SCH40/40S, XS, SCH80,SCH100, SCH120, SCH140, SCH160, XXS etc.(for ANSI),SGP(for JIS)

Elbow Angles: 30/45/60/90/180°

Connection: Welding

Shape:Equal, Reducing

Certificate: ISO -9001:2000, API, CCS

Application:Petrochemical & Gas industry, Power industry, Valve industry, Water works, Shipbuilding industry, Construction etc

Packing: Plywood Pallets/ Wooden Case Or As Per your Specification

MOQ: to be negotiated.

Sample: Available

Price: >>Get newest price list

Service: Customized OEM

Pakage: wooden case & pallet

Payment term: T/T or L/C

Delivery:7-30days according to order quantity.


Butt weld long radius 90° Reducing Elbow LR is a kind of  butt weld fittings.

The 90-degree reducing elbow is also called the 90-degree reducing elbow, which is used to connect two steel pipes of different sizes for steering. The usual production process is to cut a 90-degree elbow blank with a standard pipe diameter, and then deform it in the mold with a hydraulic press, so that the two ends of the elbow have different sizes. After hydroforming, a shaping machine is used for shaping. 90-degree reducing elbow processing is a metal cold deformation processing method, it is one of the main methods of metal plastic processing (or pressure processing), and also belongs to the material forming engineering technology.

The advantages of the 90-degree reducing elbow manufacturing process are mainly manifested in the following aspects:   

1. Need to use elbow blank as raw material, no need to reopen the mold, saving mold cost and time, and at the same time, it can accept small batch orders from customers.

2. The blank of the reducing elbow is the elbow blank, so the workmanship is simple, the accuracy is easy to ensure, and the assembly and welding are convenient.

3. Due to the above two reasons, the manufacturing cycle can be shortened, and the cost of producing reducing elbows is greatly reduced.

As a high-quality pipe flange exporter in northern China, EATHU has a good price and quality in 90-degree reducing elbow products, and can produce 90-degree reducing elbows based on a small amount of project need. The quality and price of 90-degree reducing elbows are advantageous, please contact EATHU sales department to get the price list. 

ASME B16.9: Reducing Elbow 90D L/R

Technical Drawing of Reducing Elbow 90D L/R Buttwelding(ASME B16.9)

Dimensions of 90D Long Radius Reducing Elbow BW(ASME B16.9)

NPSOutside DiameterCenter to End NPSOutside DiameterCenter to End
Large endSmall endALarge endSmall endA
2×1 1/260.3 48.3 7610×8273.0 219.1381
2×1 1/460.3 42.2 7610×6273.0 168.3381
2×160.3 33.4 7610×5273.0 141.3381
2 1/2×273.0 60.3 9512×10323.8 273457
2 1/2×1 1/273.0 48.3 9512×8323.8 219.1457
2 1/2×1 1/473.0 42.2 9512×6323.8 168.3457
3×2 1/288.9 73.0 11414×12355.6 323.8533
3×288.9 60.3 11414×10355.6 273533
3×1 1/288.9 48.3 11414×8355.6 219.1533
3 1/2×3101.6 88.9 13316×14406.4 355.6610
3 1/2×2 1/2101.6 73.0 13316×12406.4 323.8610
3 1/2×2101.6 60.3 13316×10406.4 273610
4×3 1/2114.3 101.6 15218×16457 406.4686
4×3114.3 88.9 15218×14457 355.6686
4×2 1/2114.3 73.0 15218×12457 323.8686
4×2114.3 60.3 15218×10457 273686
5×4141.3 114.3 19020×18508 457762
5×3 1/2141.3 101.6 19020×16508 406.4762
5×3141.3 88.9 19020×14508 355.6762
5×2 1/2141.3 73.0 19020×12508 323.8762
6×5168.3 141.3 22920×10508 273762
6×4168.3 114.3 22924×22610 559914
6×3 1/2168.3 101.6 22924×20610 508914
6×3168.3 88.9 22924×18610 457914
8×6219.1 168.3 30524×16610 406.4914
8×5219.1 141.3 30524×14610 355.6914
8×4219.1 114.3 30524×12610 323.8914

*All dimensions are in mm unit(inch unit data sheet is also available upon request).

*Check the tolerances and materials for butt welding pipe fittings from "Price List and Techinical"

*Tolerances of dimensions are in conformance with ASME B16.9

Butt welding pipe fittings standard: 

ASME B16.49-2007 Factory-Made,Wrought Steel, Buttwelding Induction Bends for Transportation and 

ASME-B16.9-2007 Factory-Made Wrought Butt Welding Fitting

DIN2617-1991 Steel butt-welding pipe fittings

JIS G3452 SGP 1997  Steel Butt-welding pipe fittings for ordinary use

Weight for butt welding pipe fitting

Tolerances for ASME DIN JIS MSS Butt Welding Pipe Fittings

Wall Thickness Schedules (ASME B36.10 B36.19)

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