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Barrel Nipples and Sockets Manufacturers in China


Pipe nipple is a kind of pipe fittings. It is a short piece of pipe which can join pipes or fittings of different connection way, therefore, its ends are available in various types, and the two ends can be different types. The material of pipe nipple is normally same as the material of pipeline.


Pipe nipple standards:

Qingdao Fluido can supply steel nipples accordance with American standard ASTM A733,British standard BS EN10241 and German standard DIN2982.


ASTM A733:Made from pipes: ASTM A53/ASTM A106/ASTM A333

          Threads:ANSI B1.20.1


BS EN10241:Made from pipes BS1387,medium and heavy type.

          Threads:ISO 7/1,BS21

DIN 2982:Made from pipes DIN2440,medium and heavy type.



According to the different ends types,pipe nipples can be divided into several types:


·TOE/POE nipple—Threaded One End and Plain One End.TOE/POE nipple one end is threaded the other end is plain.TOE/POE nipples used to connect the threaded pipes or pipe fittings to non-threaded pipes.OD is as per standard pipe dimensions. Length is as per project requirement.

· BOE nipple—Beveled One End

·TBE nipple—Threaded Both End.TBE nipples both ends are threaded which are the most common types of nipple.TBE nipples are used to connect two female threaded pipes or pipe fittings.

·PBE—Plain Both End. PBE pipe nipple both ends are plain,which no thread at all.It is just a short piece of pipe, only used for some special design in piping system .

·BBE—Beveled Both End.BBE pipe nipple both ends are beveled,has no thread too.Used to weld two pipes or pipes with buttwelding fittings together.


Pipe coupling: Same as pipe nipple, pipe coupling is also a short piece of pipe,used to connect two pipes to lengthen the pipeline .They are widely used in civil construction,industry,argriculture etc.,


Qingdao Fluido is a supplier for stainless steel pipe couplings and carbon steel pipe couplings.

The connection types are :threading,butt welding,socket welding etc.,

The standards are accordance with ASTM A865,BS EN10241,DIN 2986


Pipe couplings have several types:rigid coupling,marchant coupling and taper coupling.


Rigid coupling:A rigid coupling is a very short piece of pipe which without any flexibility.When installed on the pipeline,the connection becomes very rigid to keep the pipeline straight and a good sealing.

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