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Socket End Gate Valve for PVC pipe

Gate Valve

Socket End Gate Valve for PVC pipe 

Size: DN50~600

Class: PN10/16

Working Temperature:-40℃~+120℃

Flange drilling standard:DIN 2532-2533/BS EN 1092

Surface Treatment: Akzo Nobel Fusion Bonded Epoxy

Application: Portable Water, Water Distribution Service&Feed Lines, Sewage Disposol, Irrigation.etc.



Part Name: Material  

Valve Body: Ductile Iron GGG50

Bonnet: Ductile Iron GGG50

Gland Flange: Ductile Iron GGG50

Hand Wheel: Ductile Iron GGG50

Resilient Wdege Disc: GGG50+EPDM or GGG50+NBR                            

Stem: Stainless Steel

Thrust Washer: Brass

Wedge Nut: Bronze

To exempt the maintenance design, the static electricity epoxy powder spray coating, may bury directly installs, domestic first uses the bell and spigot joint and the mechanical flange bell promotion domestic application Manufacturer, uses in the PVC tube, the steel pipe and the nodular cast iron tube links fast, convenient, the economy is at present the most popular pipeline connection. May have the pressure to replace the seal assembly, goes nonstop to the designed discharge to be smallest, simultaneously may avoid the foreign matter detention, seals the damper plate wide angle design softly, seals the angle of pressure evolution type design, the valve lever bearing surface uses the high strength self lubrication material, opens shuts with ease freely, the valve casting housing uses and so on wall thickness designs, causes the casting stress function to cause the housing dehiscence the possibility approach in zero, at present may withstand PN25 the pressure rating.

Flat bottom seat ring integral with the body,inside and outside epoxy resin coating,wedge wholly bonded with rubber, three “o” ring sealing,these all insure excellent corrosion protection and reliable sealing capability.Upon request,the gate valves can be actuated by operating lever,hand wheel,electrical actuator and so on.

Unique Design:

Compact design:one-piece bonnet,non-rising stem.

Stem nut is separated from wedge,no seizing-up.

Flat bottom seat ring insures no ded space.

“O”ring design for stem back sealing leads to maintenance-free.

Excellent corrosion protection:

Inside epoxy resin coating or vitreous enamel(upon request),outside epoxy resin coating.

Socket head cap bolts,sealed with glue on the top.

Reliable health nature:

Epoxy resin coating complies with the ISO

Wedge bonded with rubber for the health inspection.

Trims are made of stainless steel or bronze.

Scope of application:

Potable water supply,industrial fields.

Contact Eathu salesteam for drawing and price list. 

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