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EN 1092-1 Type 13 threaded flange PN6 PN10 and PN16 dimension 2020/10/01 17:29:00

EN 1092-1 Type 13 threaded flange PN6 dimension 

Flange DN FlangeNeckRaised faceScrewsFlange Weight
d1ThreadkDbh1d3d4fd2ThreadBolt HolesKG
1521,3R 1/2″5580122030,040,02,011M1040,373
2026,9R 3/4″6590142440,050,02,011M1040,584
2533,7R 1″75100142450,060,02,011M1040,729
3242,4R 1-1/4″90120142660,070,02,014M1241,040
4048,3R 1-1/2″100130142670,080,03,014M1241,200
5060,3R 2″110140142880,090,03,014M1241,340
6576,1R 2-1/2″1301601432100,0110,03,014M1241,830
8088,9R 3″1501901634110,0128,03,018M1642,750
100114,3R 4″1702101640130,0148,03,018M1643,010
125139,7R 5″2002401844160,0178,03,018M1684,300
150168,3R 6″2252651844185,0202,03,018M1684,630

EN 1092-1 Type 13 threaded flange PN10/16 dimension 

Flange DN FlangeNeckRaised faceScrewsFlange Weight
d1ThreadkDbh1d3d4fd2ThreadBolt HolesKG
1521,3R 1/2″6595162235,045,02,014M1240,722
2026,9R 3/4″75105182645,058,02,014M1241,040
2533,7R 1″85115182852,068,02,014M1241,250
3242,4R 1-1/4″100140183060,078,02,018M1641,810
4048,3R 1-1/2″110150183270,088,03,018M1642,060
5060,3R 2″125165182884,0102,03,018M1642,390
6576,1R 2-1/2″1451851832104,0122,03,018M1642,970
8088,9R 3″1602002034118,0138,03,018M1683,780
100114,3R 4″1802202040140,0158,03,018M1684,380
125139,7R 5″2102502244168,0188,03,018M1686,070
150168,3R 6″2402852244195,0212,03,022M2087,240

EN1092-1 threaded flange is a kind of flange. The connection method between flange and pipeline is not the usual welding method, but the thread connection. The flange inner hole thread is the same as the pipe outer diameter thread. Taking into account the structural characteristics of EN1092-1 threaded flanges, it is not suitable for flammable, explosive and hazardous situations. EN1092-1 threaded flanges are usually used on pipes with a working pressure of 0.6-4.0Mpa, and the size is usually DN10-DN150. EN1092-1 threaded flanges are commonly used standards in Europe, Middle East and African countries.

The thread types used in EN1092-1 threaded flanges are: 55°cone internal thread Rc, 55°cylinder internal thread RP, 60°cone internal thread NPT and 55°non-threaded sealing pipe G thread. The sealing surface of EN1092-1 threaded flange has only two types: full plane and convex surface. The most commonly used type is convex surface. EN1092-1 threaded flange is a non-welded flange that processes the inner hole of the flange into pipe threads. , And realize the connection with the threaded pipe. Except for the inner diameter thread size of EN1092-1 threaded flanges, other dimensions are the same as those of flat-neck welded flanges. 

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