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Pipe connection method 2021/07/29 16:25:31


Nowadays,with the rapid development of the social pipeline industry , more and more pipe connection methods are used, and these pipes are often used in our life. So, do you know what are the commonly used pipe connection methods? Let EATHU share common pipe connection methods to you.


1. Threaded connection: also known as screw thread connection, it connects the pipeline to the pipeline, and the pipeline to the valve through internal and external threads. This connection is mainly used for the connection of steel pipes, copper pipes and high-pressure pipelines.


2. Welding connection: As a traditional connection method, welding connection is also a commonly used connection method in daily life. Its main characteristics are that the interface is firm and durable, and the sealing degree of the interface is high. It does not require frequent maintenance. There are many common welding methods , I won’t introduce them one by one here.


3. Socket connection: In chemical pipelines, cast iron pipes used for water conveyance mostly adopt socket connections. The socket connection is suitable for cast iron pipes, ceramic pipes, plastic pipes, etc. It is mainly used in pipes of fresh-water, sewer with low pressure.


4. Adhesive connection (UPVC, ABS pipe): Adhesive connection is to use adhesive as bonding filler to bond homogeneous pipes and pipe fittings together to play a sealing role. Adhesive connection has the advantages of simple construction and fast curing speed, and is widely used in drainage systems.


5. Flange connection: Flange connection is to fix two pipes, pipe fittings or equipment on a flange plate respectively, and then add a flange gasket between the two flange plates, and then use bolts to connect the two  detachable joint in which the flanges are tightened so that they are tightly combined.


6. Pipe connector connection: The pipe connector is a new type of pipe connection device. It breaks through the traditional connection concept. It uses stainless steel and rubber to make a component combination device to achieve the function of sealing and bearing pressure. There is no need to do anything to the pipe end during construction. To deal with, just put the connector on the two pipe ends to be connected and tighten the side bolts, so that the clamping teeth bite the pipe end surface to reach a limit and fix, and the sealing sleeve closes on the pipe to achieve a tightly sealed and locked state.


7. Groove connection: Groove connection is a sleeve type quick joint composed of clamp parts, rubber seals and fasteners that are processed to form annular grooves in pipe joints and other parts. After the special-shaped rubber sealing ring is put on, it is connected with a split clamp piece. The inner edge of the clamp piece is in the groove and fastened with fasteners to ensure the sealing performance of the pipeline. This connection method has the advantages of not damaging the steel pipe galvanized layer, quick construction, good sealing performance, and easy disassembly. It can be used in pipeline projects such as building water supply, fire fighting water supply, and production water supply.


8. Compression sleeve connection (aluminum-plastic composite pipe): a connection method in which the pipe is pressed against the pipe fitting with a lock nut and an open pressing ring. Features: The card sleeve type pipe fittings have short sealing surface, convenient and simple installation, and can be disassembled without special tools. Generally used in tap water and gas systems with specifications below 2632.


The above are several pipe connection methods that we can often use. The editor thinks that it is more convenient to use pipe connectors to connect, and the sealing effect is very good. More importantly, it saves time and effort in the installation process. That's it for sharing. After reading the sharing, did it help you?


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