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Ordered special size stainless steel plate flange with groove shipped out today 2021/10/27 00:16:15

In August, we received a special inquiry about stainless steel plate flanges with groove from a German customer. They sent us detailed drawings and requested that the flange be the same as the drawings (tolerance of -0+0.5mm). We studied the drawings carefully and made the best offer. We calculated and listed the weight and cost based on the provided drawings. The customer was very satisfied with our quotation. The customer did not expect such a professional quotation, and the order was confirmed soon after the sample quality was confirmed. After a month of production, we completed the production and provided an inspection report, and now the special size stainless steel plate flange with groove has been delivered to the yard. If you have any special size stainless steel plate flange with groove needs and looking for a manufacturer, we are here. 

The special size stainless steel plate flange with groove is made of stainless steel 304, stainless steel 316, carbon steel A105, carbon steel Q235 and other high-quality materials, which can ensure survival under various working conditions. It can be used for special flanges in industries, vehicles, pump valves, etc. Our customers showed the use environment of special size stainless steel plate flange with groove. Because customers have high requirements for center-distance bolt holes, we used CNC lathes to drill holes, and the manufactured flanges can meet the requirements of -0+0.5mm in tolerance.

check more information about plate flange size from https://www.eathu.com/flat-flange.html

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