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The difference between 1pc, 2pc and 3pc ball valves 2021/01/20 22:33:16

The difference between one-piece, two-piece and three-piece ball valves:

One-piece ball valves, two-piece ball valves, and three-piece ball valves can be distinguished in structure. The biggest difference is the structure of the valve body. One-piece ball valve refers to a small-diameter internal threaded ball valve composed of a one-piece valve body. The one-piece valve body is often used for small-sized valves;

Two-piece ball valve, also called two-piece ball valve, refers to a small-diameter internal threaded connection, the valve body is divided into two parts, the form of buckle, usually used valve;

The three-piece ball valve is internally threaded. The valve body is composed of three parts. It is usually used for larger and more important valves.

The one-piece ball valve is reduced in diameter, and the ball is fixed by a plug head, and the flow is relatively small; the two-piece ball valve is full-diameter, fixed by the ball between two valve bodies, and the maintenance is relatively complicated. The screw tightness in the middle It is very important, it is related to whether there is air leakage. The sealing performance is better; the three-piece ball valve is similar to the two-piece ball valve, and it is also full-bore, but there is an extra valve body in the middle of the ball, and it is clamped by the neck flanges on both sides, which bears the pressure better, and is convenient to install. Disassembly for maintenance and cleaning.


In terms of price, the one-piece ball valve has the most favorable price because the main body material is less than the other two types, which is the same as the Cantonese ball valve. The price of the two-piece ball valve is higher than that of the one-piece type. The three-piece type is composed of three parts in order to withstand higher pressure. The material is higher than the other two types. The price is higher than the two-piece and one-piece ball valves.

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