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Carefully inspected cast iron DIN3352 PN10/16 gate valves ready for shipment 2021/10/09 22:38:36

As always, we focus on quality. We control the quality of each set of cast iron DIN3352 PN10/16 gate valves from raw materials, production process to final packaging and delivery. The casting of valve body and bonnet is carried out in our foundry. Handwheels, rubber valve seats and accessories are all purchased from our long-term cooperative suppliers. The rubber accessories and powders of cast iron gate valves are provided by WARS certified suppliers. This guarantees that our cast iron DIN3352 PN10/16 gate valves can be used in drinking water pipeline systems, and the quality is the first guarantee. In the production process: the casting, machining and assembly of the valve body and bonnet, and the surface spray treatment are all operated by skilled workers. Before packaging and delivery, they will be carefully checked, including pressure, size, weight..., and shipping documents and MTR will be provided on time after delivery. Because of Eathu's strict quality control, more and more customers come to us, and export orders continue to increase. Last weekend, 1x20GP container cast iron DIN3352 PN10/16 gate valves was carefully inspected again and was ready for shipment. We welcome your inquiries for cast iron DIN3352 PN10/16 gate valves, and we will cooperate with you with high quality and low price. If you just need cast iron DIN3352 PN10/16 gate valves, please contact us via info@eathu.com.cn or skype/mob +86 132 1015 3062. Thanks! 

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