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How to inspect the quality of butt welding pipe fittings, what are the methods and costs? 2021/11/10 16:11:33

How to inspect the quality of butt welding pipe fittings, what are the methods and costs?

The quality inspection of butt welding pipe fittings is generally divided into three aspects, including appearance inspection, non-destructive inspection and mechanical performance test. The three complement each other, focusing on non-destructive testing.


1. Appearance inspection of butt welding pipe fittings: use measuring tools to measure the outer diameter, wall thickness and length of butt welding pipe fittings, evaluate the weld quality of butt welding pipe fittings by visual inspection, and check undercuts, pores, weld flashes, surface cracks, slag inclusions, and welding Wear and wait to be repaired or scrapped. You can download the PDF of the standard size table of butt welding pipe fittings from the TECH AND PRICE LIST on the eathu website.


2. Non-destructive testing of elbow fittings: X-ray, ultrasonic testing and magnetic testing are used to take pictures of the welds, and judge whether there are slag inclusions, pores, cracks and other defects at the welds of welded pipes based on the film images.


Among them, the most widely used is X-ray inspection. Ultrasonic inspection and magnetic inspection can also be used for internal defects and very small cracks that are not deep from the weld surface. However, the cost of inspection is higher than that of X-ray inspection. Eathu has done these three tests for customers. The cost of X-ray inspection is about US$300, and the cost of ultrasonic and magnetic inspection is more than US$700.


3. Mechanical performance test of elbow pipe fittings: non-destructive testing can find inherent defects in the weld, but cannot explain the mechanical properties of the metal in the heat-affected zone of the weld. Sometimes it is necessary to perform tensile, impact, and bending tests on the welded joint. These are not commonly used in actual shipments, and usually need to be sent to the laboratory for testing. Some large-size butt welding pipe fittings will also undergo blasting tests.


4. Water pressure test and air pressure test for butt welding elbow fittings: For pressure vessels that need to be sealed, water pressure test and air pressure test are required to check the sealing and pressure bearing capacity of the weld. The test pressure is 1.25-1.5 times of the working pressure, and the welding seam of the butt welding pipe fittings is qualified through the pressure test. Usually, if the customer has no special requirements, we will conduct a water pressure test. The cost of the water pressure test will be lower than that of X-ray or laboratory mechanical performance testing.


Qingdao Eathu has been engaged in the production and sales of welded pipe fitting flange products for many years, and has rich experience in the quality inspection requirements of butt welding pipe fittings. If you need to do these inspections, if you want to know the cost and time of welded pipe quality inspection, please contact Eathu immediately, the email is info@eathu.com, we will arrange sales to reply in time. 

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