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Two different production processes for welding elbows 2021/12/06 17:39:59

Butt welded elbows are the most commonly used in industrial piping systems. The welded elbows purchased by our customers can account for more than 80% of the total butt welding pipe fitting order value, and can account for more than 40% of the butt welded pipe fitting and forged flange product order, so it is necessary Introduce the production process of welded elbows. There are two production processes for welding elbows, cold push elbow forming and hot push elbow forming. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Now we will explain the advantages and disadvantages of the next two different welding elbow production processes :


1. Cold push elbow forming

The worker can drop the steel pipe at room temperature and presses it into a mold with a bending cavity, and uses a bending device to bend to obtain the shape of the elbow.


The advantages of cold push elbows are simple production equipment and high production efficiency. Workers can produce more welded elbows in a certain period of time. The disadvantage is that there are requirements for the thickness of the steel pipe, which must be lower than t /d ≥ 0.06, otherwise the inside of the welded elbow is easy to tear, which will affect the yield of the welded elbow.


2. Hot push elbow forming

Workers use the elbow pushing machine with heating equipment to heat and deform the steel pipe, thereby pushing the smaller diameter steel pipe into the larger diameter welding elbow. The processing technology does not require the wall thickness of the welded elbow, and it is also suitable for larger-sized elbows, so it has now become the main production process for welded elbows.


3. How can I tell whether the welding elbow is a cold push process or a hot push process?

You can observe the inside of the elbow. The hot push elbow has a smoother inner wall with uniform wall thickness, and there is no wrinkle deformation. Usually large-size elbows and thick-walled elbows are formed by hot push.


The above is the description of the production process of the welding elbow, we hope everyone can understand, and then customize the elbow according to your actual needs. You can also contact eathu for a quotation of welded elbows, our email is info@eathu.com, skype/whatsapp/mob is +86 132 1015 3062, download the pdf catalogue from PRICE LIST AND TECH, we welcome your contact.

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