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Production process of butt welding tee 2021/01/31 13:21:10

Production process of butt welding tee


The butt welding tee has three nozzles, namely one inlet and two outlets; or two inlets and one outlet. The main function of butt welding tee is to change the direction of the fluid.


From the shape, it can be divided into three types: T-shaped tee, Y-shaped tee and lateral tee.


From the pipe diameter size, butt welding tee is divided into equal diameter tee and reducing tee., the connecting ends of equal-diameter tees are all the same size; the main pipe connecting size of the reducing tees is the same, while the branch pipe connecting size is smaller than that of the main pipe size.


The production process of butt welding tee is mainly divided into the following four types:


1. Hydraulic bulging

The hydraulic bulging of the butt welded tee is a forming process in which the branch pipe is expanded by the axial compensation of the metal material. The process is to use a special hydraulic press to inject liquid into the tube blank with the same diameter as the welded tee. The two horizontal side cylinders of the hydraulic press synchronize the centering movement to extrude the tube blank. The volume of the tube blank becomes smaller after being squeezed, and the inside of the tube blank The pressure of the liquid increases as the volume of the tube becomes smaller. When the pressure required for the expansion of the three-way branch tube is reached, the metal material flows along the inner cavity of the mold under the dual action of the side cylinder and the liquid pressure in the tube blank to expand the branch tube.

The advantages of the hydraulic production process of the welded tee are that it can be formed at one time, the production efficiency is high, and the wall thickness of the welded tee is uniform.


2. Hot press forming

Hot press forming of butt welded tee is to flatten the tube blank larger than the diameter of the tee to the size of the diameter of the butt welded tee. Because of the higher cost and the same quality as the hydraulic welded tee, it is not commonly used.


3. Cold drawn tee

Open a hole in the butt welding tee where the branch pipe needs to be stretched. After heating, the tube blank is put into the forming die, and the blank tube is inserted into the punching die for stretching the branch tube; the tube blank is radially compressed under the action of pressure. In the process of radial compression, the metal flows in the direction of the branch pipe and forms the branch pipe under the stretching of the die. The whole process is formed by the radial compression of the tube blank and the stretching process of the branch tube. Different from the hydraulic welding tee, the metal of the hot-pressed tee branch is compensated by the radial movement of the tube blank, so it is also called the radial compensation process.

This production process is usually used for the production of large-size welded tees and thick-walled welded tees, whether it is carbon steel, stainless steel or alloy steel.


4. Use multiple pipe parts for welding

The steel pipe is cut into multiple suitable pipe parts, and then welded the pipe parts together. Butt welded tees are used for irrigation pipelines. This is usually used for special-sized pipes and is produced according to Eathu customer drawings.

The surface treatment of this butt welding tee usually has special requirements and is customized according to customer needs.


Please watch the production process of the butt welding tee on the YouTube homepage of EATHU(the keyword in Youtube is EATHU). If you have any other questions, please contact the EATHU sales team sales@eathu.com.cn . 

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