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The tolerance for butt welding pipe fittings ASME B16.9 2021/02/18 22:54:56

ASME B16.9 is the standard for factory-made wrought butt-welding pipe fittings in sizes 1/2" through 48". Eathu provides all kind of butt welding pipe fittings in both carbon steel and stainless steel material. The tolorances for ASME B16.9 butt welding pipe fittings as below:

All Fittings [Note(1) and (2)]Center-to-End Dimensions 

Overall Length of Reducers and Lap Joint Stub Ends,


Overall Length of Caps,


180-deg Returns

Outside  Diameter at Bevel

,D[Notes(3) and (4)]

Inside  Diameter

at End

90/45deg Long/Short Radius

 Elbow and Tee. 

3D Radius 

Center-to-Center Dimension


Back-to-Face Dimension


Alignment of Ends,U
[Notes(3) and (5)]A,B,C,MElbows,A,B
 1/2to2 1/215-65+1.6-0.80.82323661
3to3 1/280-901.61.62323661
5to8125-200+2.4 -1.61.62326661
10to18250-450+4.0 -3.23.223261062
20to24500-600 +6.4 -4.84.823261062
26to30650-750 +6.4 -4.84.836510.........
32to48800-1200 +6.4 -4.84.856510...... ... 

NPSDNCenter-to-End Diamensions NPSDNAngularity Tolerance

Outside Diameter of Lap, 


Fillet Radius of Lap, 


Lap  Off Angle, QOff Plane, P
 1/2to2 1/215-65+0,-1+0,-1+1.6,-01/2to415-10012
3to3 1/280-90+0,-1+0,-1+1.6,-05to8125-20024

a) All dimensions are in mm.

b) Tolerances are equal plus and minus except as noted.


1) The inside diameter and the nominal wall thicknesses at ends are to be specified by the purchaser.

2) A minimum wall thickness of 87.5% applies unless the purchaser specifies a different wall thickness tolerance.

3) Out-of-round is the sum of absolute values of plus and minus tolerances.

4) This tolerance may not apply in localized areas of formed fittings where increased wall thckness is required to meet design requirements of ASME B16.9 para 2.2

5) Unless otherwise specified by the purchaser,these tolerances apply to the nominal inside diameter,which equals the difference between the nominal outside diameter and twice the nominal wall thickness.

check dimension and material information for butt welding pipe fittings

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