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Quality inspection of 1000lbs forged steel pipe fittings by Eathu 2021/11/10 12:24:45

As always, Eathu focuses on quality. We will strictly manage each 1000LBS forged steel pipe fittings from the purchase of raw materials, forging, machining to final packaging and delivery. The production process meets the requirements of ISO9001-2015. All raw materials are purchased from China's large-scale well-known steel mills(carbon steel billets are purchased from Tangshan RD mill, the stainless steel billets are purchased from Zhejiang Qingshan mill), which guarantees the complete conformity of the materials. In forging, machining and marking are all performed by skilled workers. Before packaging and delivery, each 1000LBS forged steel pipe will be carefully inspected, including dimensions and threads. After the inspection is qualified, we will submit it to you EN10204 3.1 quality certificates. Because of EATHU's strict quality control, more and more customers come to meet Eathu, and export orders continue to increase. Last week, our engineers carefully inspected 12 pallets of 1000LBS forged steel pipe fittings, which will be shipped to Germany in the next few days. We welcome your inquiry for 1000LBS forged steel pipe fittings, and we will cooperate with you with high quality and low price. If you have any technical questions or inquiries about 1000LBS forged steel pipe fittings, please contact us immediately via info@eathu.com. Thanks!

Regarding the quality inspection of 1000lbs forged steel pipe fittings, please download the standard and catalog from the TECH AND PRICE LIST under the Qingdao Eathu website www.eathu.com. You can also contact Qingdao Eathu to obtain 1000lbs forged steel pipe fittings' inspection photos and inspection reports. 

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